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Doctor Bhargava - Your trustworthy online Doctor

Today people are slowly but surely getting back to and embracing homeopathic form of medicine. They have come to realise its valued importance in treating innumerable diseases in the world – both curable and seemingly incurable. Taking a step forward in the same endeavour is Dr. Bhargava Phytolab Pvt. Ltd, one of the most trusted and credible suppliers of homeopathic medicine online in India.

The lab, formerly known as R.S. Bhargava Pharmacy, has been serving the world with its extensive online database of homeo medicines since 1920. Today, it stands among the top homeopathic companies in India with presence in over 30 countries, providing efficient and timely service delivery of the best homeopathic medicines online.

The most important reason why people are slowly shifting attention towards homeopathy is that this form of medicine is natural and 100% safe. It simply means that it’s free of any side effects (as may be experienced in case of English modern medicine).

Another reason why homeopathy is any day better than its modern counterpart is that it tends to attack the root cause of the problem, rather than stopping at treating only its symptoms. Instead, it works on treating the base of the problem, attempting to cure it completely, and preventing relapse in future.

Our special homeopathic formulations are the best herbal products in India which have proven efficacy in safe, fast, and natural treatment of minor and major conditions. A few examples include obesity, cervical spondylosis, early discharge, joint and muscle pain, digestive disorders, skin diseases, hair care, oral care, common colds, diabetes, piles, kidney stones, and many more.

What’s more – we’re one of the top 10 homeopathic company in world and our medicines work on building body immunity, making it stronger to naturally fight diseases. It’s a perfect blend of scientific and natural methods of preparation and safe to be administered by babies, infants, pregnant or lactating women.

We at Doctor Bhargava understand the common apprehension in the minds of the people – the general fear of side effects upon taking modern English medicine. This is why we take particular care in ensuring that all our medicines are formulated based on thorough research and development activities conducted by our specialised team of experts.

All our special homeopathic formulations are prepared in clean and hygienic laboratories, using only the best hand-picked natural ingredients. This helps ensure the efficacy of every single medicine supplied by us to our customers. We’ve earned repute for being the best homeopathic medicine company, ensuring that all our medicines adhere to the highest quality standards.

Dr.Bhargava is your one-stop solution for a host of homeopathy medicine needs. We house a wide range of the best homeopathic brands for all kinds of health conditions. A few examples of our product range which would be delivered to your doorstep include:

Patent Medicine : Doctor Bhargava provides patent homeopathic medicine for various disease like constipation, acidity, depression, pimples, dengue, sinus, psoriasis, warts, acne, ed problem & weight loss.

Herbal Supplements– Doctor Bhargava is among the top herbal companies in India and provides supplements for depression, gastric troubles, loss of weight, liver problem, perfect body figure, female hormone correction, urinary pain, and kidney stone removal.

Personal Care Products & Cosmetics, such as face wash, shampoos, and face and body creams.

Mother Tinctures: Bhargava Phytolab Provides over 300 Mother Tincture in different packaging such as 30ML, 100ML & 450ML. You can access our complete range of mother tincture here.

Dilutions: You can access our complete range of Dilution here. We provide over 2000 Dilution in different potency & Packaging like Potency (6, 30, 200, 1M) & Packaging (30ML, 100ML, 450ML).

Bio Chemics: These are available in multiple potency like 3X, 30X, 200X & in 450GM packaging.

Bio Combinations : We give you complete access of our Bio combination from 1 to 28 It is available in different packaging like 4X30 STP, 450 Gm.

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