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Homeopathy Remedy for Bleeding Piles

Piles is a very common disease which may be internal or external. Normally piles do not cause much problem and resolve on its own, but can cause bleeding and pain. Homeopathy has the best treatment for Bleeding Piles and Doctor Bhargava formulations are a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. They can have range of sizes from 2 to 4 centimeters (cm). If you are looking for the best Homeopathic Medicine for Bleeding Piles then Doctor Bhargava natural remedy provide you the best solution



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Hemorrhoid commonly known as bleeding piles is a Greek word that means the veins which are responsible for bleeding blood. Piles or Haemorrhoids are a disease of the anal canal where hemorrhoids get swollen from inside and around the lining of the anal and veins in this region get affected with blood stagnating inside them. This condition causes very discomfort for most patients with piles, sitting or standing becomes a tedious task, and excretion or passing of stool leads to bleeding and pain.

Types of Piles or Hemorrhoids can be divided as below:

Internal Hemorrhoids: Internal hemorrhoids are small in size with swollen veins in the lining of the anal canal. But they can be of large size with sagging veins bulging out the anus which are painful when pressed by the anal muscles. Usually, in internal hemorrhoids, you can see mucus on the toilet paper or in stool and a visible red streak of blood after a normal bowel movement. Treatment for internal bleeding hemorrhoids is available in homeopathy but it is recommended to consult your physician before taking it. Internal piles can be further divided into different degrees based on whether they come out of the anus or how much they are out. In the First degree, these types of piles do not come out of the anus, second degree is when piles come out while your bowel movement but later go inside, third-degree is when piles go out while your bowel movement but will move inside if pushed and the last fourth degree in which it partially comes and did not go later.


External Hemorrhoids: External hemorrhoids are also called thrombosed or clotted hemorrhoids where one or more tender bumps beneath the skin surrounding the anus. These dilated blood vessels enlarged and protruded which can form a hard lump and cause intense pain.

Bleeding Piles, Fistula and fissures are commonly treated and healed with homeopathy remedies and medicine for piles and bleeding is available. Homeopathy remedies for bleeding piles treatment is a constitutional approach, where doctors, need to know the body nature, personality type, and stress level of the person who is suffering from it.

Bleeding Piles Causes and Symptoms

Normally, in our body, the tissue inside the anus fills with blood to help control bowel movements. If one strains to move stool, the increased pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal area causes the veins in this tissue to swell and stretch and cause hemorrhoids. Also, pregnant women can also get hemorrhoids during the last five to six months of their pregnancy as there is increased pressure on the blood vessels around the pelvic area and during labor, pushing the baby out, can also make hemorrhoids worse. Diarrhea or constipation is also another cause of straining and increase pressure on veins in the anal canal resulting in bleeding piles.

There are various known risk factors that may cause or increase the chances of developing the piles, some of the common reasons for increased piles is Aging: People aged over fifty are at higher risk of developing piles. Obesity also increases chances and People who are eating a diet that has low fiber may increase the likelihood of having piles.

Symptoms for Bleeding Piles

There are common symptoms when you may notice bleeding or seeing blood on toilet paper including pain while you are excretion or passing stool in the toilet.

Various other symptoms experienced by a person who is having piles are mentioned below:

  • Feeling of swollen lumps in and around the anus.

  • Unable to clean the area around the anal due to the large external hemorrhoids.

  • Considerable pain while excretion or passing the stools in the toilet.

  • Red blood after excretion or passing the stools is visible.

  • Itchiness in and around the affected anus area.

  • Redness and soring of the affected anus area.

How to Prevent Bleeding Piles

Bleeding piles puts a person in very uncomfortable conditions and makes their lifestyle completely disturbing, so it is best practice to take preventive measure before it starts. Some of the few safety measures are as below

Cold compress:In the cold compression helps in reducing pain and swelling cold cloth wrapped in ice is applied on the affected area where there is hemorrhoid for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Sitz bath. In the sitz bath method, it helps soothe hemorrhoids, where the affected area is soaked with warm water by filling the tub with hot water and adding unscented Epsom salts to it. Soaking the bottom affected part regularly several times a day helps soothe hemorrhoids.

Ointments or wipes. Application of ointments or soothing wipes which are made of natural ingredients, such as aloe vera to the affected areas helps in reducing hemorrhoid swelling and pain. Homeopathic cream for bleeding piles is a good option to apply.

Some other best possible treatments along with homeopathic medicine for piles bleeding as mentioned below for piles if followed strictly may prevent it

  • Intake of plenty of water in a day.

  • Maintain personal hygiene in the toilet and keep your parts dry and clean. Use soft fiber wipes for cleaning or soak toilet paper to wipe after passing the stool.

  • Take a warm shower if itching and pain is more it will give you relief.

  • Maintain healthy body weight and do regular exercise.

  • Constipation makes bleeding piles worse, avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks that cause constipation.

  • Keep the practice wiping gently after you have finished passing the stool.

  • Whenever you feel like using the toilet, go ahead and do not stop it.

  • Do not try to force your gut out while forcing the stool out in the toilet.

  • Avoid the use of medications containing codeine which causes constipation.

  • Do not extend your toilet duration and do not force while you stool out.

Even after you have tried all the practices and methods to treat piles at home, you still have an issue that has not been resolved. Then it is recommended you consult healthcare that can provide homeopathic medicine for bleeding piles such as Piltin Drop.

Bleeding Piles Homeopathy Treatment

The most recommended Bleeding piles homeopathic medicine is Piltin Drop by Doctor Bhargava and it is very effective in the management of piles and the symptoms associated with it such as pain, bleeding, itching, etc. as surgery for bleeding piles does not eliminate root causes like genetic tendencies, habitual constipation, etc. but Homeopathic bleeding hemorrhoids treatment help treat at root level.

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