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Dry Cough Homeopathy Medicine & Treatment

Dry Cough may occur due to cold, viral illness and sometimes because of other problem such as asthma and smoking. Dry Cough can result to an embarrassment when something important to be presented but cough persists and your boss does not look impressed. Homeopathy has the best treatment for Dry Cough and Doctor Bhargava formulations are a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. A Dry Cough can be an indication of a serious health problem or may be just a symptom of Commons illness. If you are looking for the best Homeopathic Medicine for Dry cough then Doctor Bhargava natural remedy provide you the best solution.




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It is our body’s normal tendency to produce a cough as a reflex action against the irritants and mucus to clear our airways. There are different ways to classify dry coughs. The best way to determine is by knowing the cause of it and treating them according to how they sound and how they affect the body. Usually, a cough can be classified into two types one is productive which produces phlegm or mucus, clearing it from the lungs and the other is non-productive also known as a dry cough, which does not produce phlegm or mucus. Non-productive dry coughs can cause a tickling sensation and irritation in the throat. Coughs can also be classified as either acute which is for a short period of time or chronic cough which lasts longer than seven to eight weeks.

There is a best homeopathic medicine for dry cough available in the market which helps provide relief from dry cough and sore throat in a natural way.

Dry Cough Causes and Symptoms

Dry coughs usually start when airways get inflamed or irritated and can be experienced in the first few days of respiratory infection. These irritated air passages or excess mucus affect your day and a wet cough during the night when you lie down causes more mucus to shift to the back of the throat this cough can also disrupt sleep, keeping you awake and tired the next day. Herein mentioned below are some common causes of dry cough.

Infection: Infection like Upper respiratory infections: More commonly known as a cold, URIs can cause a variety of coughs, including dry coughs. In 25% of cases, a dry cough can persist for four weeks.

Bronchitis: The most common symptom of bronchitis is a dry cough. After a few days, the cough could bring up mucus.

Habitual choices: Habits like smoking irritates the throat, leading to a dry and persistent cough. Heavier smokers may experience a wet cough that's worse in the morning. Some people have experience a persistent dry cough for no apparent reason. Various medical conditions cause dry coughs like asthma, weak heart, and lung disorder.

Asthma: Some asthma patients experience a dry cough. This cough happens by having exposure to irritants like cold air or ambient smoke.

Heart failure: Weak heart can cause fluid to back up into the lungs. Lung congestion can then cause a dry cough.

Lung cancer: About half of those diagnosed with lung cancer have a persistent dry cough. If you're a heavy smoker or have a family history of lung cancer, visit a physician.

Symptoms of Dry Cough

Symptoms for dry cough usually clear up in two to three weeks maximum after the viral infection but if it stays longer than that it is considered chronic. Below are symptoms if remaining continuous medical intervention is required. Some of the symptoms are

  • Tickle in the throat and absence of mucus during the cough.

  • Unproductive sound during the cough.

  • Improper or poor sleep during the night especially while lying down.

  • An absence of wheezing or congestion

How to Prevent Dry Cough

Before we take the necessary prevention method, we must know the type of cough one is experiencing then only the best possible solution can be adopted for relief. Some of the remedies are listed below as

Gargle:  gargle with salt water helps in remove mucus and reduce swelling. It is advisable to use warm water for gargle as it provides warmth and relief pain.

Hydration: Keeping the throat moist is important, use warm water regularly for drinking helps as it will keep the throat moist and gives warmth.

Honey: The use of honey helps in breaking down mucus and has anti-inflammatory properties which give relief to the throat. You can also add lemon along with honey.

Herbs and Syrup: Herbs contain antioxidants and increase the immune system which reduces inflammation and decreases throat swelling. Whereas homeopathic medicine for dry cough like Co-Ex Cough Syrup helps in soothing the pharynx and relieves irritation.

Apart from the above preventive method, it is also important to avoid triggers like cold and dry air, pollution, and excessive talk or yelling.

Dry Cough Homeopathy Treatment

Co-Ex Cough Syrup is a homeopathy medicine for dry cough and sore throat by Doctor Bhargava and helps people suffering from it. This syrup is recommended to provide instant relief in a safe and reliable manner without any side effects.

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