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Allergic dermatitis - feel itchy and irritated



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Allergic Dermatitis Homeopathy Medicine

Allergic Dermatitis is a reaction to skin that can make the effected part feel itchy and irritated. It happens when the skin comes in contact with toxic material and in most cases it go away on its own when the substance is no longer in contact with the skin. The toxic substances include: bleach kerosene, detergents and pepper spray. Homeopathy has the best treatment for Allergic Dermatitis and Doctor Bhargava formulations are a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. Few precautions one can take to get away from this problem are: avoid scratching the irritated skin, clean skin with lukewarm water and mild soap, use of anti-itch lotion or cream. If you are looking for the best Homeopathic Medicine for Allergic Dermatitis then Doctor Bhargava natural remedy provide you the best solution.



Inflammation of the skin is medically referred to as dermatitis (irritation). When your skin comes into contact with an allergen or irritant, you may get contact dermatitis, which may be quite uncomfortable. Contact dermatitis occurs when an individual is exposed to an allergen (such as poison ivy) or irritant (like a chemical). It might be an allergic reaction, or it could be that your skin's protective barrier was compromised, which led to the rash. Allergy contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are two more names for this condition.

In order to effectively treat contact dermatitis, you must identify the trigger of your reaction and refrain from coming into touch with it. After 2–4 weeks of not touching the harmful chemical, the rash usually disappears on its own. Among other things, you might try soothing your skin with the use of a cool, damp cloth.

Skedin Drops and Sulphur Gel are among the homeo medicine for allergic dermatitis manufactured by Doctor Bhargava, which can help you. More about that towards the end of this article. Let us understand more about the symptoms and causes next in this article.

Symptoms of Allergic Dermatitis

Skin that has been exposed to the chemical causing the response directly develops contact dermatitis. For instance, the rash can appear down a leg that came into contact with poison ivy. After exposure, the rash may appear minutes to hours later and continue for two to four weeks.

Contact dermatitis symptoms and signs may range greatly and may include:

  • A scratchy rash

  • On generally brown or black skin, leathery areas that are darker than usual (hyperpigmented)

  • Skin that is dry, cracked, and scaly, usually on white skin

  • Bumps and blisters that may sometimes ooze and crust

  • Burning, soreness, or swelling

Causes of Allergic Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis caused by irritants is more common than allergic dermatitis. A rash appears whenever the outer layers of your skin are irritated by a chemical. It hurts more than it itches to have the rash.

  • Irritant contact dermatitis often results from:

  • Acids

  • Deodorant-type alkalis.

  • Liquids expelled from the body, such as urine and saliva.

  • Plants like poinsettias and peppers fall into this category.

  • Hair colours, if you will.

  • Remover for nail polish or a similar solvent.

  • Varnishes and paints, essentially.

  • Cleaning agents that are too harsh.

  • Materials using epoxy, plastic, or resin.

What Are Some of The Preventive Methods for Allergic Dermatitis?

Learn what triggers your rash so you can prevent it. To lessen the severity of an allergic or irritating response, washing your skin as soon as possible after contact is recommended.

Follow these actions if you have rashes but can't pinpoint the cause:

  • All soaps, shampoos, and body washes should be fragrance and dye-free.

  • Long-sleeved shirts and slacks when near plants or the sun, goggles and gloves while handling cleaning supplies, and other similar measures should be taken to prevent contact with irritants and allergens.

  • Maintain the health and hydration of your skin's outermost layer with a barrier cream.

  • Always do a patch test prior to fully applying a new product to your skin.

Allergic Dermatitis Treatment in Homeopathy

Several homeo medicines for allergic dermatitis are available; however, your homeopathic doctor will choose the best course of action depending on your severity.

Skedin Drop:This is one of the best medicines in homeopathy for allergic dermatitis manufactured by Doctor Bhargava. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, depurative, anti-oxidant, and blood-purifying characteristics, making it a homeopathic medicine. Several skin conditions, including eczema, ringworm, acne, and urticaria, may be cured permanently.

Sulphur Gel:  This is one of the best medicines in homeopathy for allergic dermatitis manufactured by Doctor Bhargava. When there is a cut or wound on the skin, you may employ the antibacterial properties of the sulphur gel. How your body reacts to the medication and how severe your symptoms are will play a role. In no more than eight weeks of usage, noticeable results are seen.

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