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Hair Fall Homeopathy Medicine

Hair fall is the most commonly found problem among people. Some of the common symptoms of hair loss are : extreme weight loss, emotional or physical shock, high blood pressure, cancer. depression, heart problems and arthritis. It is common in both man and woman.

Homeopathy has the best treatment for Hair Fall and Doctor Bhargava formulations are a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. Consuming high protein and iron can reduce the chances of this problem. If you are looking for the best Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall then Doctor Bhargava natural remedy provide you the best solution.



The loss of hair strands followed by thinning of the hair volume due to one reason is known as hair fall. At the same time, baldness refers to a state of complete hair loss from the head or the other parts of the human body.

Hair fall is a very common disease among the younger generation of the present times. Men and women are equally susceptible to hair fall. However, hair fall can be divided into two categories. It can be a temporary hair fall or a permanent hair fall. Permanent hair fall is often referred to as baldness. Baldness is more common in men than women, but hair fall has become a worthy issue for both men and women equally.There are various reasons for hair fall, and the most common are the lack of essential nutrients on the scalp and the deficiency of certain proteins in the body of the infected person.

Baldness is the complete loss of all the hair from the scalp. It can be due to hereditary traits, genetic mutation and severe hormonal changes. Baldness can take place at any time of one's life. However, loss of hairs within teenagers often before puberty is generally known as premature baldness.

Sometimes, patches of baldness are found on the scalp and in the beard of some individuals. As a result of which, hairs are removed from those patches. This type of baldness is called bald spots.

Symptoms of hair fall and baldness:

Hair fall may pop out gradually or suddenly and eventually lead to complete baldness as a final result. However, some of the common symptoms of hair fall from the beginning are:

  • Hair thinning

The earliest sign of hair loss is the thinning of the hairs due to a lack of essential nutrients and minerals in the body. Lack of essential oils on the scalp can also cause hair weaknesses and ultimately lead to excessive hair fall resulting from combing. In men, hairs become feeble over time and become extremely thin and extra silky.


  • Breaking of hairs

After the hairs become thin, they start breaking over time. Finally, hairs become so much smoother and lighter that they break from roots even on finger combing. This is a very crucial stage in hair fall control.

  • Decreased hair volume

As a result of hair breaking, hair volume begins to decrease. The roots of the hairs and the scalp's surface starts damaging, and the head becomes visible even having a beautiful hairstyle.

  • Patches of baldness

The decreasing volume of the hairs on the head make the scalp visible, and the next stage is that patches of hairless spots become visible on the scalp. These patches do not have hairs over them, and they tend to expand throughout the head leading to complete baldness if hair fall solution is not applied.

  • Receding hairline

Receding the hairline means complete loss of hair on the front head of males and females temporarily. If medicines for hair growth and required minerals are not supplied to the scalp, this condition may lead to permanent hair loss.

  • Complete body hair fall

If steps are not taken to control hair fall, permanent hair fall may occur, followed by complete body hair loss in men in extreme cases. However, it is mostly caused by radiation exposure treatment such as chemotherapy for cancer patients resulting in the complete body hair fall, but hairs usually grow after some time.

  • Scaling on the scalp

Scaling of hair may occur as a result of a ringworm attack on the scalp. This sign is usually indicated by redness in the scalp and, at times, shows oozing, which is also curable in homeopathic medicines of hair fall treatment.

Baldness Treatment:

Doctor Bhargava's homeopathic hair treatment for hair loss has the natural formulations of required proteins and nutrients for healthier hair growth. Dr Bhargava has more than 100 years of experience in hair fall treatment.

  • Bals tablets

Bals tablets of Doctor Bhargava have been experimentally verified for stimulating hair follicles and ultimately increasing hair growth within a very short interval of usage. These tablets are the best natural hair fall medicine and are better than steroids because our medicine is without any side effects. The reason for this is the composition of the medicine taken from 100% natural extracts.

  • Follicin Drops

The most effective solution for curing patches of baldness and treating early hair fall symptoms is our follicin drops. If you are suffering from any of the hair fall symptoms described above, the Jaborandi mother tincture is the best hair fall control solution for your worries. This solution is equally beneficial for both male and female hair fall treatment issues.

Prevention from hair fall and baldness:

Hair fall and baldness are natural disorders. However, there are some tips which can be acquired for the prevention of these problems:

  • Hairs must be treated gently, especially when wet. Using a wide-toothed comb before proper combing can help in reducing hair damage and stop hair fall.

  • Avoiding harsh treatments such as curling, hot rollers and hot oil treatments, which reduce hair shining.

  • Protecting your hairs from direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiations for a long time can increase hair health and hair fall control.

  • Quitting smoking as modern science has revealed that smokers are more susceptible to hair damage.

  • A cooling cap must be used during the chemotherapeutic treatment for hair loss prevention.


Homeopathy has the best medicines for treating early and late hair fall problems with better results and zero side effects. However, it is evident to use precautions for hair damaging factors, and above all, a healthy lifestyle must be adopted for better growth of the whole body, including hairs. Smoking and alcohol consumption damages almost every part of the body, so they must refrain from getting the best results. Hairs contain tubulin protein and traces of fibers which must be a part of your regular diet to avoid any hair weakness. Stil you are confuded consult with our doctors without any cost.

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