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How to cure dengue with homeopathic medicine naturally?

Dengue Fever Treatment in Homeopathy

Dengue; a breakbone fever, is a tropical disease caused by infection due to a special virus carried by mosquitoes. If not taken care of, dengue can take lives without giving you the opportunity to fight back. So it's important to opt for prescribed homeopathic medicine for dengue to stay safe.

Symptoms of dengue fever

Some of the basic symptoms of this fever include headaches, pain in muscles and bone joints. Another characteristic of the disease is skin rashes, which is somewhat similar to measles. In fewer cases, this disease might develop into a life-threatening hemorrhagic fever that may result in bleeding, and chances of blood platelets reaching lower levels are also on the cards. Even your blood plasma might experience a leakage that might lead to the prevalence of dengue shock syndrome. Symptoms of the disease can be easily traced, as they begin to generate within a period of 4-6 days after being infected and might last for up to a week or two. A sudden appearance of high fever accompanied by major headaches and pain behind your eyes, fatigue and nausea, might be clues that you have been affected by the dengue virus. Another major symptom of dengue is vomiting. If you are noticing such traits in your loved ones, visiting a doctor might be your best choice. For better results, you can opt out for homeopathy treatment, as there is extremely efficient homeopathic medicine for dengue available in the market.

Preventing the dengue fever

Unfortunately, vaccines for preventing the spread of the dengue virus are still under research. The best way to prevent the spread of this disease is to protect you from the virus transmitting mosquitoes. Remember, destroying their habitats should be your priority when you are fighting to eliminate the chances of getting infected by this life-threatening disease. All you need to do is get rid of any kind of open water sources, or applying insecticides or any other biological control elements to these water bodies. Homeopathy has brought forward the opportunity to fight such a curse in an effective manner. With the availability of homeopathic medicine, today more people are getting benefitted.

Dengue treatment in homeopathy

One big advantage of Dengue homeopathic medicine is that they are natural medication options that don’t have any side effects. Ague Nil Syrup is one such highly effective medicine that helps in increasing the counts of white blood cells and Platelets in your blood, which in turn boosts your immunity and helps to fight against such infections. Although this medicine doesn't lead to any side effects, still there is a prescribed dosage for people based on their age group. Adults are recommended to take 1 tablespoon if the syrup, twice a day. And for children, the dose shall be half of what an adult consumes. You can get hold of this medicine at www.doctorbhargava.com

Doctor Bhargava is widely acclaimed for his numerous contributions in homeopathy. His lifesaving formulations have been the amalgamation of medical techniques that were being used for more than century. While some of the techniques were originally developed by his ancestors, he later spends his time perfecting their functions. Ague nil syrup is a best immunity booster that provides extra power to your lings.

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