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Things to Know about Dengue Fever

A small black mosquito bearing white stripes, the Aedes Aegypti is the primary carrier and transmitter of dengue virus. This particular type of mosquito remains active during the day. It populates during the rainy season. Some of the typical hideouts include water-filled stagnant flower pots, discussed tire, and water storage containers.

Symptoms of Dengue
Dengue appears in various forms. Some of the symptoms of dengue include high fever along with chill all of a sudden, severe frontal headache, muscular and joint pains, pain into eyes, severe weakness, loss of hunger, abdomen pain accompanied with nausea and vomiting, blood in vomit and stool and gum bleeding.

As dengue prevention, you must carry out hydrotherapy in case of high fever. Hydrating in plenty of fluids along with rest will also provide best results. You must avoid rich food items and take normal food items instead. Symptoms of dengue fever require urgent medical attention so that it does not get spread further.

Ague Nil by Doctor Bhargava – Best for Dengue

In the case of any of the symptoms indicative of its development, you must rush to the nearest clinic for appropriate investigation and treatment. It is a good idea to get in touch with a highly experienced doctor for proper diagnosis. There exists no specific medication for treating dengue to the fullest.

The recent introduction of Ague Nil by Doctor Bhargava will definitely provide great relief from symptoms. By maintaining proper fluid balance it will serve as the best mode of dengue prevention homeopathic medicine. Patients can be easily managed at home with daily follow up along with rehydration. Along with undergoing medication, you need a mosquito net to prevent from the mosquito bite.   

Easy Availing of Ague Nil
Along with consumption of the right type of medicine, protective clothing will also be helpful in preventing mosquito bites. You can easily purchase Ague nil from both retail shops as well as online shopping portals.

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