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Co-Ex Cough Syrup

Co-Ex syrup is a trusted Homeopathic cough syrup for all types of cough, i.e. whooping cough, asthmatic cough, smoker's cough, dry cough, wet cough, allergic cough, baby cough, cough for kids & children. It is 100% Natural & does not have any side effect.

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  • 100% Natural
  • No Side effects
  • Since 1920


Doctor Bhargava Co-Ex Cough Syrup is a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. It is Useful for acute and chronic bronchitis & also removes the heaviness and pain in the chest due to repeated cough. It is most effective for both children & Adults. Start taking Homeopathic medicine today and get best treatment.

Short-term coughs

The common causes of short-term cough are:

  • The upper respiratory tract infection that affects the windpipe, throat, or sinuses,

  • Lower respiratory tract infection that affects lungs or lower airways.

  • Allergy-like allergic rhinitis or hay fever

  • A flare of long-term conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • inhaled dust or smoke  

Treating the main cause of Cold & cough

If your cough has a specific cause, then treat it well.

  • Asthma is treated with steroids for reducing inflammation.

  • Allergies are treated by evading things you are allergic and consuming antihistamines to reduce the allergic reactions

  • Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections.

  • GORD is treated with antacids.

  • COPD is treated with bronchodilators.

  • If you are a smoker, then quitting is the best option to improve the cough.

If you are suffering from cough, then take Co-ex Syrup. This homeopathic cough syrup can be consumed for all kinds of cough such as asthmatic cough, whooping cough, dry cough, smoker’s cough, wet cough, allergic cough, and cough for kids and children.

Cough syrup treatment is 100 percent natural and does not have side effects. You can take the 1 tablespoonful three times a day. The cough syrup for Kids can be taken one teaspoonful for three times in a day. The cough syrup is effective, safe and fast. There are no interactions with other drugs. Also, they are not habit-forming and don’t have any contraindications. You can take this cough syrup based on the duration and severity of symptoms and how the body is reacting to the medicine.

Persistent coughs causes

  • Lasting respiratory tract infection

  • Asthma also causes other symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

  • Allergy and smoking 

  • Bronchiectasis, lungs airways become abnormally widened. Also, Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease where the throat becomes irritated.

  • Prescribed medicine likeACE inhibitor that is used to treat high blood pressure

Coughs in children

The Causes of coughs that are common in children that include:

  • Bronchiolitis –  respiratory tract infection that causes cold-like symptoms

  • Whooping cough – Symptoms like hacking bouts of cough, intense, vomiting

Other causes

Other causes that may lead to cough are:

  • Damage to  vocal cords

  • Postnasal drip

  • Bacterial infections like pneumonia, croup and whooping cough.

  • Various serious conditions like pulmonary embolism and heart failure 




ADULT: 1 tablespoonful thrice a day. CHILDREN: 1 teaspoonful thrice a day.

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