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Spondin Drop

Spondin Drop is one of the most effective Homeopathic Medicine for cervical spondylitis. As you seek the most faithful homeopathic medicine for back pain, look no further than this particular fluid. It's well known to work fast and renowned for its effect

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  • Trusted Cervical Spondylitis Homeopathic Drops.
  • Proven Results of Curing Most Complicated Cases.
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  • 100% Natural
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Doctor Bhargava Spondin Drop is a result of techniques perfected over 100 years of practice. It contains flavonoids that help in reducing the inflammation and there by reducing the pain in the affected regions. Start taking Homeopathic medicine today and get best treatment. 

As far as symptoms of cervical spondylitis are concerned, most people do not even feel any signs of the problem. However, at a certain stage, some symptoms occur. This might include stiffness and pain in the neck area. Sometimes, cervical spondylitis might result in the narrowing of space between your spinal cord and nerve roots. This hinders the passage of your spine towards the rest of your back portion. In case the area between your spinal cord and nerve roots is altered, you may experience weakness and numbness around your arms, and legs as well. A lack in proper coordination is experienced, which might lead to difficulty in walking. Even there can be a significant loss in bladder and bowel control.

Medicine for Cervical Spondylosis:

One of the best homeopathic medicine for back pain and neck pain is Spondin drop. It is found to give assured relief from pain.

Use of medicine:

  • This is homeopathic medicine for spondylitis.

  • It is homeopathic medicine for neck pain

Mode of action:

This homeopathic medicine acts on the root cause of the pain and gives effective relief from pain and stiffness.

Side effects:

  • The best thing about homeopathy treatment is that it is a safe method of treatment.

  • There are no observed drug interactions

  • No contraindications have been observed.

  • This medication is also not habit forming.



ADULTS: 10-15 Drops in half cup of luke -warm water thrice a day. CHILDREN: Half the dose.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Spondin Drop safe to take with other medicines?

Spondin Drop are fast, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no known reactions with other drugs. In addition they are non-habit forming and have no contraindications.

How long do I need to use Spondin Drop before I see improvement of my conditions?

It depends on the severity, duration of the symptoms and also how your body is responding to the medicine. Maximum use it for 8 weeks and you should see the positive effect.

After my symptoms have passed, should I continue to take the medicine?

It is wise to continue a lighter dose after the symptoms have passed. Generally, the longer you had the problem, the longer you should take this product after symptoms have passed. This will help assure a more complete recovery. This continued dosage can vary from 2 times a day to 2 times a week for a week to perhaps several months depending on the length and severity of the problem.

I have never taken homeopathic medicine before. Would it be safe to take Spondin Drop?

Homeopathic medicines are 100% natural and are absolutely safe to consume. These does not have any side effect.

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  • Amazing product with prompt relief. Great
  • Certified Buyer 14 Jan, 2020


  • Recently I used spondin drop for my cervical. I found very relief. Amazing medicine.
  • Certified Buyer 09 Dec, 2019

    Siddhartha sankar chanda   

  • I am taking this spondin drop since last one month. I got amazing result in neck & shoulder pain.
  • Certified Buyer 28 Mar, 2019


  • Great
  • Certified Buyer 16 Oct, 2018

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