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Which is most effective common cold medicine in homeopathy

One disease that all of us contract is common cold and flu. We all know how difficult things can get when we suffer from flu and common cold. It is therefore; better to opt for good homeopathic options to get rid of flu and common cold.

A few details about common cold:

Flu and common cold are diseases of the respiratory system. They are caused by viruses. It is important to take the best tablet for cold and flu. Opt for a medicine that will give relief from the symptoms of flu and cold.

Symptoms of common cold and flu:

  1. Stuffy and running nose

  2. The person will also have a sore throat

  3. Headache and at times there can be fatigue

  4. The patient may experience chills and muscle ache and body ache

  5. Sometimes there can be a dry cough

  6. There can also be moderate to high fever

Causes of common cold:

Cold and flu are causes by viruses. When a person suffering from cold sneezes or coughs or blow his nose and you are nearby then there is a high possibility that you will catch a cold. Flu also spreads from an infected person to other people. It spreads through the respiratory fluid droplets.

Common cold medicine:

One of the best medicines for cold and flu is the homeopathic medicine Anas Barbariae.  

Use of medicine of cold medicine:

  1. This medicine gives relief from the symptoms of flu and cold

  2. This viral fever treatment also helps in reducing the duration of the flu symptoms.

Mode of action of cold and fever medicine:

This flu treatment medicine has natural ingredients. This medicine helps in increasing the self-healing power of the medicine and it also increases the resistance of the body to the flu virus.

A dosage of these homeopathic cold tablets:

In the case of adults and children above the age of 2 years, the prophylactic dose is one vial per week during the flu season. Symptomatic will be 3 vials per day at an interval of 6 hours. In the case of children below the age of two years half the dose has to be given. One may also take the dose as directed by the physician.Patient can also take co-ex syrup for common cold & cough.

Side effects of flu homeopathic medicine:

  1. The best thing about homeopathic medicine for flu and cold is that it is a safe method of treatment.

  2. There are no observed drug interactions

  3. No contraindications have been observed.

  4. This medication is also not habit forming.

How to get this homeopathic medicine for fever and body pain?

  1. One can get this medicine online.

  2. The order for the same can be placed on the website of doctor bhargava.

  3. The medicine will be delivered to your doorstep.

A few words about Doctor Bhargava:

They are reputed homeopathy medicines manufacturers whose name is synonymous with trust. They are known to manufacture the best quality homeopathic medicines for a number of diseases from the past many years.


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