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What is the Best Way to Treat Osteoarthritis?

The World is aware of the most common joint disease which has affected the population of the age above 45 & India has become the Hub of this disease which is known as “Osteoarthritis”. 

Osteoarthritis is known as the most common & difficult disease to treat as it affects many tissues of the joint which makes the Bones brittle & easy to break even in a small accident also.

If we look into the Data part of Osteoarthritis, we will come across huge figures in millions but that doesn’t make any real sense that someone’s Osteoarthritis will get treated for the Root Cause or will be managed effectively. 

Historically, if we see the Medical books, we see that Osteoarthritis was known as a “Wear & Tear” condition that is associated with aging. After several clinical studies, we came to know that it’s actually related to damage in cartilage, tendons & ligaments – making osteoarthritis knee pain a more severe condition. People/doctors say that osteoarthritis can be cured but the question arises “How”. 

Osteoarthritis affects joints, typically of the Knees, hips, lower back & Neck, but maximum cases are related to damage to the Knees. This brings us to the segment medically known as Osteoarthritis knee homeopathy treatment & osteoarthritis pain relief procedures. 

These procedures clearly say that Osteoarthritis can’t be cured it can only be managed to minimize the level of pain with the support of some medications, physical activities, and maintaining a good quality lifestyle. 


Osteoarthritis degrades the Cartilage tissue between the knees which forms Bone Spurs & when the person walks, he feels cracks & pain. 

The Cause of this type of osteoarthritis knee can be many but the important ones are:

Age: The risk of developing OA increases with increasing age & symptoms starts to appear at the age of 30. 

Joint Injury: Any injury which causes cartilage or ligament to break can lead to OA & here doctors prescribe Joint Pain Homeopathic Medicines which can’t guarantee that it will work to reduce the pain or not. 

Obesity: Excess weight always adds stress on a joint or Knee which causes Inflammation & patient has to be put on Knee pain medicines. 

Weak Muscles:  This is due to the lack of calcium & Vitamin D in bones which makes muscles weak. 

Environmental Factors: It depends upon the level of physical activity, quadriceps strength, and bone density due to lifestyle changes – it all affects directly Bones & makes them weak. 

These Causes require different medicines that can help in Osteoarthritis management, at some point it also requires surgery for knee joint pain treatment & makes the Knee flexible again in a better way. 


Every type of Joint pain or Knee pain can’t be referred to as Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. There are certain symptoms & identification marks to analyze it. 

  • Pain in joints during activities 

  • Stiffness in Joints in the morning or after resting 

  • Limited Movement 

  • Clicking or Popping Sound during joint bending

  • Swelling around Joints 

These make analysis easy for Doctors to identify whether it is Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis or just Arthritis. 

Medications for Osteoarthritis: 

Science has gone far away & today many patients with Osteoarthritis are receiving proper care & some new technology from medical science to manage Osteoarthritis effectively. 

We can find numerous drugs (Medicines) for Osteoarthritis which manage the pain, and symptoms & don’t let it get worse with time.

We have two most prominent field in Medical Science which has quality homeopathy treatment methods for Osteoarthritis. 

Fields such as Allopathy & Homoeopathy – the difference between both these are that One manages the symptoms by subsiding the pain & the other Manages it Naturally. 

Medical management of Osteoarthritis includes: 

Analgesics: These are pain relievers 

NSAIDs: These are the drugs for easing inflammation & pain in joints & knees. 

Counterirritants: These include Capsaicin, and menthol which work on nerve endings, to make the painful area feel cold, itchy free & warm. 

Corticosteroids: They work as Anti- Inflammatory 

Platelet Rich Plasma: Its new therapy coming on the market in form of injections. 

What Does Homoeopathy have in Store for Osteoarthritis: 

The homeopathy field is a science that works to treat any disease or disorder from its Root Cause & make sure that it doesn’t come back frequently. 

There are many products, remedies & formulations which work on Osteoarthritis treatment & make it manage to like it has been cured. 

One such product is Doctor Bhargava which is Osteo Strong Tablet that works on the basic element which increases Calcium in the Bones naturally by absorbing it from Diet & making bones & joints less weak and stronger. Due to this chance of bones getting broken easily because of any activity gets reduced. 

It works as a Calcium Supplement in chewable form. 

For any disease it is also important that the patient should go for Self-Care with medications: 

1. Maintain Healthy Weight

2. Control Blood Sugar Level

3. Keep Range of Motion in Joints

4. Relaxation – Avoid Stress & Medication 

Osteoarthritis is not just merely a joint pain it can get worse with time if proper osteoarthritis Homeopathy treatment is not taken. 

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