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Is Homeopathy Medicine Better Than Other Medicines?

How Homeopathy HelpsTreat Critical Illnesses

Homeopathy is often considered as a ‘slow’ and ‘alternative’ line of treatment to conventional English medicine. This is particularly the case when it comes to treating serious conditions such as asthma, hypertension, dermatitis, kidney stones, and the like. Popular belief often suggests opting for English medicine first to experience immediate relief from symptoms, and then continuing homeopathy for a more permanent cure.

However, Dr. Bhargava, one of the top homeopathic companies in India, has proven that homeopathy can indeed be considered as the first and only line of treatment even in case of critical illnesses of the likes of arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, piles, etc.

Why is Homeopathy Better than Other Medicines?

There are several reasons, all backed by sufficient scientific research and analysis, to prove that homeopathy is indeed better than other forms of conventional medicine. This is why Dr. Bhargava deals in the online sale of specially formulated homeopathic medicines and herbal productsand is reputed as the best homeopathic medicine company.

Some of the key advantages of homeopathy offered over other medicines include the following:

  • Aims at holistic treatment of psychological, pathological, and physiological disorders

  • Targets not just the immediate symptoms of the disease but works on treating the root cause of the problem

  • Derived from natural herbs and components and is therefore free of any side effects whatsoever

  • Helps stimulate and restore inner vitality for self-healing of the body; strengthens immunity to fight future infections

  • Safe for everyone – pregnant women, babies, or the elderly

  • Can be administered in conjunction with other forms of medicine

How is Homeopathy Medicine Prepared?

The medicines at Dr. Bhargava, the top most homeopathic medicine manufacturing company in India, are prepared using a specialised process known as Potentisation. This process is unique to homeopathy. It’s a step-by-step procedure that involves diluting and shaking the original drug substance with the aim to amplify or potentise its medicinal benefits. All the medicines at our laboratory are prepared in absolute hygienic conditions, following thorough scientific research and development into each formulation. Our products are also obtained from nature-derived substances and are therefore always safe to consume by anyone.

About the Company

We at Dr.Bhargava are believed to be the best online portal in the line of homeopathy. We specialise in providing safe and 100% natural homeopathic medicines online and also assist our customers by offering direct-to-home delivery of all products ordered. This ensures absolute convenience in the process of buying and using the best homeopathic medicines and herbal products sitting right in the comfort of your home.

We also offer free online homoeopathic consultation to patients online via our expert team of highly qualified doctors specialised in multiple health conditions and guiding solutions based on the homeopathic line of treatment. We have succeeded in establishing credible repute for ourselves in the medicine industry by being in operation since 1920 when we were first known as R.S. Bhargava Pharmacy.

Why Dr.Bhargava is Your Trusted Online Doctor

We have safe and natural homeopathic solutions for a wide array of health conditions. Big or small, whatever you may be suffering from, just let us know and we’d be happy to arrange free doctor consultation to guide you on your problem. We’d also assist in suggesting the best possible treatment option from our online homeopathy store to cure the disease from the root. Some of the major conditions that our homeopathic medicines have proven efficacy in include:

Besides homeopathic medicines, we provide herbal supplements for depression, perfect body figure, gastric problems, correcting female hormones, urinary pain, liver problem, and kidney stones. Women can also choose the best homeopathic brands in personal care products and safe and natural cosmetics for skin and hair care. This is why Dr. Bhargava is regarded among the top herbal companies in India.


Homeopathy is the way forward, considering rapidly changing lifestyles that are turning unhealthy and stressful. Not to forget, homeopathic solutions are safe, fast-acting, and help cure the condition directly from the roots. Trust Dr. Bhargava to be your personal doctor for homeopathic medicine online.



    • Rectum and piles

    • Respiratory disorders

    • Digestive disorders

    • Nose and throat conditions

    • Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, weight gain, and hypertension

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