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Which is the best sciatica nerve pain medication in homeopathy?

The sciatic nerve consists of five nerves, among them the larger nerve fiber which starts from the lumbar spine and passes deep into the buttock area to the thigh and to the lower limb. Whenever there is irritation of the sciatic nerve the sciatica nerve pain starts which usually runs along the path of the sciatic nerve and started to feel over the areas supplied by the sciatica nerve. Generally, when the sciatica nerve is compressed by slipped disc or narrowing of the spine, the sciatic pain starts from the lower back and behind the thigh which can pass down below the knee and cause leg nerve pain, sciatica nerve pain.

Causes of Sciatica Nerve Pain

There are several causes of sciatica pain, the most common is a herniated disc which works as a cushion between the two vertebrae and helps in providing flexibility and movement of the spinal column. With the aging effect, the disc gets hard and cracked with time and its central soft substances are pushed out which restricts the spinal canal, and these herniated bulges compressed the sciatica nerve and cause sciatic pain. Another cause is radiculopathy where there is wear and tear due to the aging of bone and cartilage getting roughen and these rough surfaces pinch the spinal nerve and put pressure on the spinal nerve root and cause sciatic pain.

Another important known cause is spondylolisthesis which may happen when a vertebra slips onto the bone directly beneath it and compressed the spinal nerve resulting in sciatica pain that happens usually when playing outdoor sports like volleyball, basketball, or, football or can occur in childhood because of birth defect or injury or during pregnancy as there is overstretched of back muscles by the increased size of the uterus. Apart from causes, there are some risk factors if avoided sciatic nerve pain. For example, if you do sudden jerk like weightlifting it may result in disc loss from its normal place and body posture if not right while sitting for long hours in one position which weakens the spinal muscle and its flexibility. Some other factors like obesity put pressure on the spine or diseases like diabetes in which sugar level changes and contribute to nerve damage called diabetic neuropathy.

Identifying the root cause and maintaining a lifestyle to prevent sciatic nerve pain is very important. One can start a prevention method if one notices symptoms like difficulty in standing or walking, the pain starting from the lower back and behind the thigh to the lower leg along the nerve pathway, Numbness in the whole leg,and tingling or burning pain that travels downwards. Once one notices one should start homeopathy medicine for sciatica nerve pain and exercise like regular walking including yoga-like bhuangasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana and ushtrasana are very helpful in managing sciatica. Avoid bending forwards and lifting heavy weights or any jerky movement. Some other preventive measures listed like Losing weight if overweight, avoiding sitting for long stretches of time, Maintaining the practice of good posture while standing, sitting, and even sleeping to minimize or avoid pressure on your lower back, and massage therapy with medication for sciatica-like Sciaati Minims, Rhomo oil including acupressure and acupuncture will improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and release feel-good endorphin in body.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Treatment


People start using allopathic medicine to manage the pain which does not help in any way to treat the basic cause of sciatica as it is just temporary management  while Doctor Bhargava’s homeopathy medicine for sciatica nerve pain such as Sciaati Drop, Rhomo oil help solve the root cause. These sciatica pain relief homeopathic medicine are safe and reliable ways to treat sciatica pain without any side effects.

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