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Dr Willmar Schwabe India Dizester Digestive Tonic Sugar Free Homeopathic Medicine style=

Dr Willmar Schwabe Dizester Digestive Tonic

Dizester is a digestive stimulator tonic in homeopathy medicine.It is formulated from 100% natural extracts and strengthens the digestive system. It is the best remedy for improper digestion, gas trouble, and acidity due to overeating or eating junk food.

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  • 100% Natural
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  • Since 1920

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Dr Wilmar Schwabe dizester digestive tonic sugar-free promotes the digestive efficiency of the digestive system. Therefore, indigestion which may lead to dyspepsia and other gastric and bowel disturbances is completely treated by the regular use of dizester tonic. Moreover, it is also clinically proven to promote digestion in the body, thus improving the ratio of appetite and speeding up the body's growth. Consecutive use of fast food may lead to intense pain in the stomach, referred to as dyspepsia. It is treatable by homeopathy diester digestive tract.

Schwabe India Dizester Digestive Tonic is helpful in digestive problems like gas, acidity, bloating & flatulence. It is best remedy for pain in stomach area because of gastric ulcers. Dizester can be used for children in abdomen colic & gas problems.

Schwabe dizester digestive tonic Ingredients:

  • Foeniculum vulgare3% v/v

  • Mentha piperita Q3% v/v

  • Nux moschata Q2% v/v

  • Zingiber officinalis Q2% v/v

  • Asafoetida Q2% v/v

  • Carum carvi Q2% v/v

  • Terminalia arjuna Q1% v/v

  • Excipients:QS to 100%

  • Alcohol content11.9% v/v

Major Benefits and Uses:

The frequent use of the dizester sugar-free tonic corrects the digestive system and strengthens digestive tract mobility. The problems of acidity and heartburn, which may cause serious troubles after having a high caloric meal, are also cured by this tonic. It is specifically formulated in sugar-free taste for taking into account the issues of diabetes. So it can also be the most effective cure for diabetic patients. It contains the extracts of natural herbs, which is why it has the best results as carminative and antispasmodic actions. Schwabe Indian Dizester Tonic has no side effects, and it is equally suitable for both children and adults.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use

  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

  • Keep out of reach of children


Take 1-2 teaspoon 2-3 times daily, 1/2 teaspoon every 1-3 hours during acute indigestion Children should be given half of the adult dose

Frequently Asked Question

Is Dr Willmar Schwabe Dizester Digestive Tonic safe to take with other medicines?

Dr Willmar Schwabe Dizester Digestive Tonic are fast, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no known reactions with other drugs. In addition they are non-habit forming and have no contraindications.

How long do I need to use Dr Willmar Schwabe Dizester Digestive Tonic before I see improvement of my conditions?

It depends on the severity, duration of the symptoms and also how your body is responding to the medicine. Maximum use it for 8 weeks and you should see the positive effect.

After my symptoms have passed, should I continue to take the medicine?

It is wise to continue a lighter dose after the symptoms have passed. Generally, the longer you had the problem, the longer you should take this product after symptoms have passed. This will help assure a more complete recovery. This continued dosage can vary from 2 times a day to 2 times a week for a week to perhaps several months depending on the length and severity of the problem.

I have never taken homeopathic medicine before. Would it be safe to take Dr Willmar Schwabe Dizester Digestive Tonic ?

Homeopathic medicines are 100% natural and are absolutely safe to consume. These does not have any side effect.

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