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What are the Best Eye Drops for Eye Infections Like Redness and Irritation ?

The eye is the most important organ of sight in the human body. The eyes help in locating and observing the world around us. The structure of the eyes is as complex as its function. Anatomically, tears keep our eyes wet and moist which in turn helps focus light so that we can see clearly. They also protect our eyes from infections and irritating things, like dirt and dust particles. A thin layer of tears acts as a physical barrier, spread across the outer surface of the cornea every time we blink our eyes.

The eyes act as an early warning system when something is wrong inside the body or immune system and needs medical attention. Unknowingly, we rub or touch a such sensitive set of eyes with contaminated hands which leads to the most infectious of eyes. Inflammation in the eyes manifests as swelling of eyelids, eye pain, itching, and redness. Good visual hygiene is equally important as personal hygiene for overall good health.

Following certain good eye care habits can reduce our eyecare burden:

  • Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. 

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands.

  • If using contact lenses, check all sterile measures and remove them before going to sleep.

  • Splash clean water to clean the eyes thoroughly after swimming.

  • Use eye protection wherever necessary.

  • Take regular screen breaks.

  • Never share makeup brushes and remove eye makeup before going to bed.

  • Make healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Apart from taking these easy precautions to minimize damage to our eyes, we can opt for naturally soothing, highly effective, and convenient treatment for eyes in the form of topical eye drops. Bhargava Phytolab presents with a complete eye care range of drops that covers almost all the manifestations of eye diseases or infections. Bhargava’s Eye Let Euphrasia officinalis eye drops come with an isotonic formulation which helps in clearing pink eye or conjunctivitis along with any seasonal allergies. Common conditions of the eye with puffy eyelids, swollen eyelids, corneal edema with swelling, and pain in the eyes are covered under this formulation. The best red-eye, irritated eye solution is Euphrasia officinalis eye drops.

Doctor Bhargava’s Cineraria Maritima eye drops are traditional medicine known to improve corneal opacities or in other words, prevents degenerative changes in natural eye lens which otherwise leads to cataract if not checked in time may cause complete blindness.

Doctor Bhargava’s Cineraria Maritima eye drops have been used for over one hundred years as a safe and effective option to treat cataract. It not only relieves eyesight trouble in old age but also can help reduce the burden of going under the surgical blade.

We belong to a digital world, and most of our time is spent gazing at screens which in turn poses a great threat to our delicate eyes leading to common conditions like dry eyes, red eyes, and fatigued eyes. One added advantage of Cineraria Maritima is its soothing action can provide relief to strained eyes thus it is a gentle and effective cure for our tired eyes.

Another eye drops in Bhargava’s range of eye care products is CINERARIA MARITIMA EUPHRASIA eye drops. Its formulation is an amazing anti-septic for those beautiful sets of eyes. Bhargava’s Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops is turning eyeballs in the ophthalmic care industry providing USP of natural ingredients for fighting bacterial infections, burning watery eyes, and fungal eye infections.

Such a thoughtful range of eye care products is coming out of brand expertise and a legacy of meaningful and ethical formulations which serves the best of humanity. Doctor Bhargava’s ideation behind these homeopathic eye care products is providing natural cures to reach the masses in terms of affordability and availability.

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