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Bakson Spondy Aid Drops

Bakson’s Spondy aid drops are manufactured to cure the symptoms of cervical spondylosis. Apart from this, it also treats the stiffness of the muscles due to malfunctions in the joints. The problems related to joints throughout the body are equally curable

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Bakson Spondy Aid Drops (Pack of 1)

175   166
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Bakson Spondy Aid Drops (Pack of 2)

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Bakson Spondy Aid Drops (Pack of 4)

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Bakson Spondy Aid Drops (Pack of 6)

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Spondy aid drops and tablets are homeopathic medicines that work wonders to treat deformation in the joints. These deformations are likely to include the malfunctions of the muscles and tissues related to them. If the disease is not cured in the early stages, it may become chronic and lead to the decomposition of joints throughout the body, such as shoulders, elbows and knees. As a result of these symptoms, the body becomes immovable, and the deformation of muscles may lead to paralysis in the end.

Bakson SPONDY AID DROPS is best homeopathic treatment for spondylosis, spondylitis & disease related to spine & back. It also provides relief from neck & shoulder pain, reducing the stiffness & inflammation of the joints and restore the general strength of the body.

Spondy aid drops Ingredients:

  • Acid form. 3x

  • Colch. ant. 5x

  • Rhus tox. 3X

  • Ledum pal 3x

  • Dulcamara 3x

  • Gels. semp. 3x

  • Ulmus 5x

Major Benefits and Uses:

Bakson’s Spondy aid tablets are the best solution for cervical spondylosis, consistent pain in the backbone. This pain is the result of the decomposition of the vertebrae and joints of the spinal cord. Spondy aid drops from Bakson can boast the amount of calcium in the body leading to rescue the deformation of joints. Moreover, the problems like vertigo and dizziness are also within the treatment spectrum of Spondy aid uses. The pain in the joints as a result of the ageing of joints which is called arthritis, and osteoarthritis are also treatable from the prescribed intake of the medicine.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use

  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

  • Keep out of reach of children


Dosage: 10-15 drops should be diluted with water and taken 3 times a day. In acute cases take 2 hourly 6 times a day.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Bakson Spondy Aid Drops safe to take with other medicines?

Bakson Spondy Aid Drops are fast, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no known reactions with other drugs. In addition they are non-habit forming and have no contraindications.

How long do I need to use Bakson Spondy Aid Drops before I see improvement of my conditions?

It depends on the severity, duration of the symptoms and also how your body is responding to the medicine. Maximum use it for 8 weeks and you should see the positive effect.

After my symptoms have passed, should I continue to take the medicine?

It is wise to continue a lighter dose after the symptoms have passed. Generally, the longer you had the problem, the longer you should take this product after symptoms have passed. This will help assure a more complete recovery. This continued dosage can vary from 2 times a day to 2 times a week for a week to perhaps several months depending on the length and severity of the problem.

I have never taken homeopathic medicine before. Would it be safe to take Bakson Spondy Aid Drops?

Homeopathic medicines are 100% natural and are absolutely safe to consume. These does not have any side effect.

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