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Herbal, non-sticky, multi action formula works in several ways to give total protection

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General Details
Packaging Name Cutica
Composition Each 5 g contains: Acid boricum 1X 25.00mgZinc oxide 1X 75.00mgBerberis aquifolium 1X 0.05mlCalendula officinalis 1X 0.05mlHydrocotyle asiatica 1X 0.05mlAzadirachta indica 1X 0.05mlHydrastis canadensis 1X 0.05mlCurcuma longa Q 0.05mlOleum santali 1X 0.05mlWhite veseline, Lanoline Glycerine & Aromatics Q.S.Alcohol content 3.0 v/v
Ideal For Skin Care
Package Size
List Price 74
Sales Price 70.3
Packing Quantity 1


  • It acts as potent wound healer; antiseptic, anti inflammatory, astringent, anti-pruritic & moisturizer
  • It helps to fight bacteria in order to protect and clear up black heads, acne, blotches
  • It relieves soreness & itching; acne, boils, carbuncles, folliculitis, eczema, corns, and dry skin
  • It protects from sun damage
  • It makes the skin healthier, fresh and toxin-free

Herbal, non-sticky, multi action formula works in several ways to give total protection-
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria over skin.
  • Stimulates natural wound healing process of the body through collagen synthesis.
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Enriched with natural moisturizers (Vit E-CHECK FORMULA) soothes the inflamed, irritated & skin without giving stickiness.
  • Has a cooling effect on itching & skin irritation.

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Dosage and Use

Cleanse the affected area with water & apply gently in a circular motion. Repeat twice daily.

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